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Frequently Asked Questions


What's involved in getting a piece of jewellery made?

To create your own piece of unique jewellery contact me and I will arrange an appointment to design your piece of jewellery, make a sketch, discuss budgets, pricing, materials and gems.

This service is provided free with no obligation to buy. Should you decide that I have designed exactly what you have been looking for, a deposit is then required before the piece of jewellery is created.

Can you remodel or redesign a ring I already have?

Yes I can do that for you. The process is the same as getting any piece of jewellery made - discussing what you are wanting, considering what materials in your existing jewellery can be used in the new jewellery, making sketches and then making the new piece of jewellery.

What if you make a ring for me and it is not what I wanted?

I have a process which should avoid that happening. I encourage you to come and view the work as it is progressing. This is an opportunity to try the ring on and see how well it fits; also, to have an overall look at the piece and see if it is matching up to what you imagine it to be.

If it is not all you thought it would be then I can make any changes necessary.

Do you offer independent insurance valuations?

Yes I use a company called Advanced Gem Laboratory who are members of the Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand and who use a range of up to the minute technology to provide accurate valuations of your jewellery. They will also value your existing jewellery for you. Visit them at

How long does it take to manufacture my design?

Usually it will take two to three weeks for me to make the piece, then another five working days to have the valuation done. But if there is urgency, he will do whatever can be done to have your jewellery ready on time.

What materials do you use in your designs?

Mostly I use 18ct white or yellow gold and platinum to make my jewellery, but there are lots of other options that can be used, for example, 9ct gold and 14ct gold, both available in white or yellow. There are also red golds available. Silver is popular and I have been known to use copper in my jewellery.

The range of gemstones available is too large to list here, but I can supply diamonds for you. Have a look at this web site to learn more about diamonds and see what is available.

Rubies, Emeralds, Topaz, and Sapphires in blue and many other colours are available. Also available are some fantastic stones that people may never have heard of, which will look stunning in a piece of jewellery and do not necessarily cost the earth.

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