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The Wedding Ring Experience

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When it comes to your wedding rings you have had two choices in the past. Purchase a ready made ring or commission a jeweller to make a ring for you. Whilst we offer both these options we can now offer an exclusive service. A first in New Zealand. Make your own wedding rings. Gold, silver, diamonds... if you can design it, you can make it, in one day with my experienced guidance.

Express your unique love with handcrafted wedding rings made by yourselves. Professionally designed with your input.

The Wedding ring experience is for those of you who are looking to exchange rings that have been handcrafted by your partner for a more personal symbol of your commitment. Historically the wedding band represents undying love and devotion, the circle being an emblem of eternity with no beginning or end.

I invite you to my home studio to guide you step by step to create your own personal individualised wedding rings. Creating simple bands involves important basic goldsmithing techniques. Together we can craft professional quality simple bands in a day.

The Experience starts with a no obligation free consultation where we discuss your needs and ideas. We will come up with a design and plan. You can then book your day if you decide that this is right for you.

The day starts at 10am where your tutor will explain the process before guiding you through each stage. Lunch will be provided.

We will end the experience with a glass of bubbly and look at the photos that have been taken throughout each stage to document your achievements which you will be able to take away on a CD, all the while marvelling at your professional handcrafted wedding rings you have just completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we make a mistake?

I won't let you. I will work with you throughout the whole process to guide and assist you. I guarantee your rings will look as good as any professionally handmade ring you could buy.

Can we make styles other than plain bands?

Absolutely, as long as it possible to make in one day. This can be discussed at the initial consultation

What metals can we make our rings from?

You can make your rings from any of the gold alloys, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct yellow or white gold, You can also choose to work in platinum.

Can we have diamonds or other stones in our rings?

Yes. But setting stones is a different skill so you can make your rings and I can set them later.

We have an old ring of my grandmothers. Can it be incorporated in our rings?

It is possible. In some cases it can be melted down and added. I can discuss the feasibility of this during the initial consult where I can examine the ring to see if the metal is compatible.

How long does it take to make both rings?

It will be just the two of you working closely with me and that will allow us to easily complete both rings in the one day.

Can we take our rings away with us after we have made them?

Of course, unless you have arranged to have additional work such as setting stones or engraving, which will take a few days. An independent valuation is provided (This service can take 3 to 4 working days but can be arranged at a convenient time for you)

Do we need an appointment to make our rings?

Yes, this will be done after the initial consultation. Please note that this experience is only available on a Saturday or Sunday.

What is included in our Wedding Ring Experience?

Assistance in designing your rings and guidance in making them from an expert Jeweller. You and your partner will have exclusive use of our private studio on the day. All tools and equipment are available for you to use. Your rings come with an independent jewellery valuation. Photographs will be taken throughout the process and a copy of these will be put on a CD for you to take away. A delicious lunch will be supplied.

Is a deposit required when reserving our date?

Yes, we will require a 50% deposit to secure the day you wish to make your rings and to lock in that days metal price at the time of the booking.

What will our Wedding Ring Experience Cost?

The studio time will cost $950.00 per couple, an average pair of wedding rings will cost approximately $1150 for a man's ring in 18ct yellow gold and $950.00 for a lady's ring in 18ct yellow gold. The metal price will be confirmed during the initial consultation we will also provide a firm quote both rings at this time.

About Laurie.

I began in the jewellery trade in 1985 working for one of the foremost bullion companies in New Zealand. I have since worked for several different companies within the jewellery trade gaining experience in many aspects of manufacturing jewellery, including hand-making jewellery and gem setting. I was lucky enough to be taught my hand-making skills by Peter Minturn, and I was honoured to be invited to teach at the Peter Minturn Goldsmith school in 2005 and have been head tutor since 2010.

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